When I think of the word, theming, it makes me think of the hours my husband and kids have spent building virtual themeparks on Roller Coaster Tycoon–theming is a big part of that.   Making it look and feel a certain way.  It’s in the details.  I like the details.   So, the thought of creating a blog is intimidating–so many details…what will it look like, what will I call it, what will I say?  What if I change my mind about what I like?   I can’t even stick with a font for my email signature!  So, green grass is my theme.  Will it last? or will I change my mind about the way I want it to look?  

One reason I love God so much, is that He’s constant.  Never changing.  James 1:17 says “he does not change like shifting shadows.”

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  1. Oh My I love me some Roller Coaster Tycoon. Once I beat it I love making the people fly off the the end of the tracks and see how far they can land. Morbid? Funny? Yeah its pretty funny. Blog looks good! Look forward to seeing more!

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