BeignetsMy husband loves beignets (ben-yays).  He’s been to Europe and New Orleans, and this French pastry makes him nostalgic–(a lot of stuff makes him nostalgic!)  So, anyway, he loves beignets and, of course, I would love for him to have them…so, I found a recipe, gathered together all of the ingredients, which included yeast and 7 cups of flour!…and went to work blending, rising, chilling, rolling out dough, and deep frying.   Ugh!  My kitchen was a disaster and the beignets were not up to the standard of the pastry shops where he had first tried this marvelous wonder. (big shocker!)  I apologized to Kevin and told him he’d have to wait until the next time we were in France to enjoy beignets again. 😦   Until…

…my beautiful friend, Shauna Thomas, told me about her “recipe” for beignets—a pan of hot oil and a can of refrigerator biscuits!   Sweet life!  I was back in business!  So easy, and so good!  Kevin was impressed and my reputation as a wife was restored!  Thank you, Shauna! 

 So, shortcuts can be a very good thing-it can even produce excellence…

But, unfortunately, this is not always the case.   Take relationships, for example.   It takes time to get to know someone(blending), establish trust(rising), hang out with them (chilling) care about them(rolling out the dough), and go through some conflict together (deep frying).   But, it’s worth the time–it may not always turn out perfect the first time, but it’s worth the effort.   God created us to need relationships, and shortcuts won’t do.  So, gather your ingredients and get to work!  and don’t forget the powdered sugar on top!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Ohhh…Thats a good one…Nice analogy.

  2. what are the chances for leftovers? we need some snacks in the office

  3. Posted by carikelley on March 10, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    Sorry, Gina, these little pieces of heaven don’t last long!

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