my alternate existence

I have 2 lives.  In one, my name is Cari and I live in Edmond, OK.  In the other, my name is Mom and I live in DaDesert.  In Edmond, I have a house that has the same old furniture and clothes that I’ve always had.  I work hard for my paycheck and have bills to pay. This life doesn’t change much.  

In DaDesert, however, I have a house where I am always moving around furniture and finding new stuff to put in it.  It’s nothing for me to drop 2000 bells on a new red couch at Tom Nook’s store.  I can shake a few trees, or catch some rare fish and have 2000 bells in my pocket in less than an hour!   The only debt that I have here is my mortage and it’s significant, 480,000 bells.    It might take me a couple of weeks to pay this off.  Weeks!   This is my Animal Crossing life.   It’s easy.  It’s carefree. 

I love my house, furniture, trees, flowers in DaDesert.  I can spend hours fishing in the ocean and I have a really cool collection of shirts and an awesome Royal Crown that I like to wear when I’m fishing–man, I am super cool!    My real life kids come to my town occasionally and I give them stuff, and they share treasures with me.  I planted a money tree with my Golden Shovel and I’m waiting for it to grow and bear fruit, which will, of course, be bags of bells.

My real life is not quite that exciting.   But, it’s real.  I have to remind myself that sometimes…

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