The forbidden zone…

LuckyTwo weeks ago the Oklahoma wind blew down part of our fence.  Darn it.  My neighbor is not really concerned about it–in fact, I’m not sure she’s noticed.  My dog, on the other hand, has noticed.   Lucky, our 8 year old Boxer/Lab mix, is obsessed with what’s on the other side.  She did manage to venture over at least once.  Since she had not ever seen an in-ground pool cover before, she stepped onto it—and then, quickly stepped back when she realized it wasn’t stable ground!

Every time she goes outside now, she just stands and stares into the neighbors yard.   What is so interesting about this “forbidden zone”?  

Sometimes I think I do the same thing.  I stare into the “shady areas“, (thanks, Dana)…the things that draw me away from God.   I know there is unstable ground there, but something inside me desires it anyway.  Movies, tv, for example.  Time spent watching a made up story–it distorts my view of reality.  Unknowingly, my expectations can be changed.    Unstable ground.  Too much time spent watching fictional relationships, and not enough time on my real relationships.  Unstable ground. 

Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong.  I Cor 16:13

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