an update on things in DaDesert

It’s been a few days since I’ve played. Click here for some background!  I was fasting from my GameBoy and Animal Crossing game while Cory was on his mission trip.  Praying for him certainly took priority this week! 

Anyway, thanks to a generous donation from Cory from Endor, I paid off my mortgage!  Yeah!  Unfortunately, the next time I talked to Tom Nook at his store, he offered to add another room on to my house.  Another room!  Yeah!  I can finally get that kitchen I’ve been wanting.   So, I agreed to the addition–which came with, you guessed it, another mortgage.  Dang it, I’m back in debt.   848,000 bells to be exact.

More begging Cory for bells, more fishing, more selling fruit.  It seems an insurmountable goal.  Saving to pay this off, all the while furnishing my game room and my new kitchen.  This stuff doesn’t just grow on trees you know–actually sometimes it does 🙂 

Oh, and the bell tree I planted grew, but it did NOT bear any fruit (bells).   I’m tempted to philosophize here, but I’ll resist.

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