GeocachingIt’s been a while since we’ve been Geocaching, click here if you don’t know what it is,–since we lived in AZ in fact.  We figured Spring Break was a good time to break out the GPS again.  It had to be reset to our new Oklahoma coordinates, reset our home address on the website so we could search for caches close by, and then off we went!  Fun hunting!   We just write down the coordinates from the website, and then use our GPS to find hidden treasures!

It’s great fun when the kids argue the whole time.  And then, Cameron is not exactly the outdoors type, so traipsing through the fields and off the paths at Mitch park doesn’t bring out her sunny side. 🙂  But, we found 3 different cache’s, and Cameron got to trade goodies at one of them (see pic).  We even saw a snake!  There are several more at Mitch Park and in the area on our list, so we’ll be going again.  And, of course, we always talk about hiding our own cache.   We just can’t agree on a spot to hide it.

 Hopefully the bugs will leave Cameron alone next time!

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  1. Posted by Sheena on March 25, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    Ok, that sounds like so much fun!!! I need GPS!

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