My appreciating-my-savior moment

So, the challenge set before the LC staff was to fast–one day.  To prepare for the big Easter weekend, prepare for all that God was going to do.  To fast and pray.  So, I accepted.

Here’s what I know about myself.  I do NOT do well without food.  Period.  Usually it starts with a headache–no matter how much water I drink.  So I allowed myself fruit and a few almonds throughout the day.  Still, I was obsessed with the fact that I wasn’t eating anything.  It’s all I could focus on, at least until noon, when I finally realized that that wasn’t the point.   So, I began to focus on Jesus and what he did for me, and pray for all that he was going to do this weekend. 

I did alright–maybe this fasting thing takes some practice–I didn’t really feel a big spiritual enlightenment or revelation.  Until…

I was laying in bed early (around 9:30pm) trying to fall asleep with a POUNDING headache.  Oh, yeah, I was miserable.  And, then, I wondered how Jesus felt the day he died.  Even the night before.   Even before the beatings, the crown of thorns, carrying his cross up to Calvary.  Just the agony and anticipation of what was to come was enough for a simple headache.   The bible says that his soul was crushed with grief to the point of death!  I have no idea what that kind of grief is like, but I’m guessing that emotions that intense are enough to make you physically hurt.   Forgive me, Jesus, for complaining.  My sacrifice was nothing compared to what you did for me.  You sacrificed so much more than comfort for a day. 

I will fast again–and I will focus on my Savior.  I love you, Jesus. 

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  1. Posted by Toni on March 24, 2008 at 10:41 am

    I took my kids to the park to avoid sitting at home where food was close at hand.

    Walking back to my car, my stomach was rumbling.

    My moment was looking up at the sky to take my mind off eating. I was wondering what the sky must have looked like the day Jesus died. He was looking up and asking God, His Father, to forgive his killers. I imagine it was unlike the sunny sky I saw on Friday.

    It was my first time and I am a different person after having fasted.

  2. This fast was a little tough for me….I found myself wanting to swipe a snack from the girls breakfast cereal or lunchtime or afternoon snack time…..every moment for sure! But I thought, I’ll hold from food and allow God to be my strength for this past weekend, not my own.

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