What does it take to be saved?

Assuming that going to heaven and being ‘saved’ are the same thing, these following 2 verses seem to contradict each other.

Matt 7:21 says that “Not everyone who calls out to me ‘Lord! Lord! will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in Heaven will enter“.

Then take Mark 16:16Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved”.

The first verse from Matthew seems to indicate that faith is not important, that it only matters what you do.  While the 2nd verse from Mark,  implies that believing (or faith) is the only requirement to eternal life.     So, which is it?  I’ve always understood the latter to be true….that faith in Christ is all that was necessary to secure a place in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

This is not one of those questions that I have an answer to…I’m just asking outloud.  I don’t really intend to question God’s word, but sometimes I just don’t understand it all completely.  Maybe it’s a context thing, or …I don’t know.   Thankfully, I have enough faith in the validity of the Bible to question, but still believe.

So, can both of those verses exist together in truth?   Is faith all that is required?

One response to this post.

  1. how I feel here….1st verse… I dont think they are talking about works…because it says “the will of my father” Which I think is doing what he has called us to do (10 commandments, preach to the nations, live our life according to his word)…..
    for the 2nd verse… “believes” I think this is a strong word and to fully believe something then I would also think is something your fully committed to.

    Thats what I kinda think. (believe)

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