Change your mind, change your underwear, change of seasons, change your toothbrush.

Change keeps you from being the same–whether good or bad.   Change allows you to see things in a new way, or feel something different, or do something new.

Change that happens to you can be difficult.  You don’t choose it and you may not be ready.  Man, it can be painful.  Change is the loss of the old way/thing, so mourning is a natural response.    It’s part of life, you say.   My selfish side resists change and wants to remain in the comfort of what I know.   But, a very wise pastor taught me that if you step into the pain…step into the conflict…there is joy and freedom and celebration on the other side.    (Thanks, Blake.)

Here at we like to say that Change is good, all the time, and all the time, change is good.   At least it lightens the moment.   But, it’s true.  The last thing we want to do is get stale, comfortable, and predictable.  I may say that I want stability, but then I’ll complain that I’m bored!  J.D. mentioned a book called “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There”.  I don’t think I even need to read the book to benefit from it.  The title alone challenges me to rethink and refine what I do.

So, let’s look at change for what it is.  A chance to experience something new.   Mourn the old, and celebrate the new.    What did God say to the Israelites?  “Look, I am doing a new thing!  Quit looking at the past!”   The past might be amazingly great, or painfully terrible, but never mind that!  Look, I am doing a new thing!

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