Are you listening?

These words of Jesus remind me of the Parable of the 3 Servants (the one who was faithful with a little, received more…)  Read them carefully.  Listen closely.

Mark 4:24-25  Pay close attention to what you hear.  The closer you listen, the more understanding you will be given–and you will receive even more.  To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given. 

How and when does God speak to us?   Everywhere and always, I would argue.   In every situation, every opportunity, we have the chance to see God working.  He works in the lives of people around us.  Are we engaged in other people’s lives or blind to that, or just disinterested?   He speaks to us through opportunities.  Will we step up and face the challenge, or let it go by?

Hopefully these thoughts translate to whatever is going on in your life right now.   It makes perfect sense to what is going on inside my head today. 🙂  If I want to receive more understanding, I must listen to what he’s showing me today.  

God, I’m listening.  Speak to me!


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