My nose is broken

What most people don’t know about me is that i have a disability, albeit trivial.  At least it’s considered trivial by most doctors.  It’s called Congenital Anosmia.  Sounds scary, huh?  Especially when I use the word “Congenital”.  Actually, it just means the lack of olfaction, or the inability to smell since birth.   Yep, that’s right, no smells, nothing, oh, except for menthol…like in Mentholatum. Ummm…I love that smell. 

Some people think it’s a good thing.  And maybe sometimes it is.  I could hold a dead skunk in my hands and sniff away and it wouldn’t bother me. (not that I’ve done, or would do this!), but, you know…Also, I could breathe in the fresh baked aromas of apple pie and not be tempted to eat it. 

But, it has it’s disadvantages too.  I can’t smell the dangers of smoke, gas, or spoiled food–and I’ve had some close calls with all of these things!  Also, I’m missing out on stuff, newborn babies, fresh grass, flowers, stuff like that.

Most people, even my family, don’t remember that I can’t smell.  They’re always asking “does this smell good/bad?” or “what’s that smell?”  Come on, people, you wouldn’t tell a blind person, to “Look at this!” or ask them if you had something between your teeth.     Give me a break.  I don’t want to go there!  But, they forget innocently.  I’m glad that my “disability” is not always on their minds!

So, weird, huh?  I also have a once diagnosed, but not confirmed case of geographic tongue.  Even weirder, I’ll save that one for another time!  “Thank goodness”, your saying.

3 responses to this post.

  1. I was just telling Claudia about your “disabilty” and she asked me “so she’s nose deaf?”…I thought it was cute.

  2. Me too. In fact, I made my own post about this the other day too… I’ve never actually met anyone else with congenital anosmia, and I know I’ve not met you, but hey, you evidently exist! So that’s made me very happy. Thank you for brightening my day!

    Su x

  3. […] time, the smell of grass, flowers, fall, and babies. (OK, maybe we’ll leave out the part about the smelling…I haven’t landed on anything for certain yet.) Moving […]

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