My new chair

The coolest thing happened this weekend.    I got something that I’ve wanted for years….a comfy chair in my bedroom!  The bedroom is the perfect quiet spot in the house–away from traffic and the tv, but it’s hard to read or hold my lappy comfortably in bed.  Waa waa, I know.  Poor me.  And I’m way too cheap (or frugal) to make a purchase like that–so many better places to put my money–but, still I wanted a comfy chair.  For years, I tell ya.

So anyway, today we went to go see Kevin’s dad in Tulsa since they are moving out of state soon–and came back with a chair!  They just gave it to us!  For free!  I’m sitting in it right now.   I could sit here for hours, typing, reading, praying.  It’s quiet, it’s comfy.   It’s from God.  I’m pretty sure I just got blessed by God.  Maybe for my patience?  It sure feels like a blessing.  Did I mention it was free?!  Thanks, God.

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  1. Posted by edge on April 29, 2008 at 11:47 am

    See God does good things to good people! Go Habakkuk! Congrats on the chair.

  2. […] Now there’s a project that’s near and dear to my heart.   Remember, I have my chair in there now, and the new bedding we got (thanks, Mom!) doesn’t exactly match, but the chair […]

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