Can God do Anything?

God created the universe and everything in it in just 7 days.  He keeps the earth spinning today.  While He lived on earth, he healed, cast out demons, and revived people from the dead.  Today, the Spirit of God lives inside me.  He comforts, heals, provides, brings peace, gives wisdom, offers strength.  He can orchestrate seemingly random encounters between people to bring blessings to others and glory to Himself.  And this is only the tip of the iceberg of what God can do.  He can do anything, right?

 I do struggle with the idea that God can do anything–only because of the whole free will concept.   For example, if I pray for someone to decide to follow Christ, then I am praying in faith and believing that is God’s will, but God can’t make someone accept His authority over him.  If that person refuses God’s invitation, then the answer to my prayer is No.  So in this case God couldn’t do anything.  He also can’t make someone do the right thing.   He can show them the best choice, give them the capacity to choose the best thing, and they can still reject His best and turn away.

I’m not saying I doubt God’s sovereignty or His Power, I’m just saying He can’t do Everything.   This sounds like God’s power is limited, but that doesn’t sound right either.  Hmmm…

I know that sometimes He can do something, but for reasons I don’t understand, he chooses not to.   Like healing, for example.  But that’s not the same thing.   God wants every person to know Him and accept Him and to live the fullest life possible in Him, but He can’t make them choose that path.   So, is that heresy to say that God can’t do everything?


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