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To tell or not to tell

You don’t have to look hard in the Gospels to find stories of Jesus healing someone.   Crowds followed him every where, pursued him, and begged him to heal.  In fact, it almost seems to me that He was a one man healing side show.   Some people came just to see Him do it–like it was a form of entertainment.

Sometimes you read about Jesus telling the one who healed to go tell everyone what He had done(Luke 8-demon possessed man).  But then sometimes he insists they not tell anyone what had happened (Matthew 9–2 blind guys or Luke 8–Jairus’ family or Mark 1–guy with leprosy).   ???  I found more examples of Jesus asking the healed or their families to keep a lid on it.    I can’t imagine why.  Today, aren’t we supposed to spread the good news of Jesus and tell others what He’s done for us?  I wonder why it was different then?