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thinking vs. praying silently

I have a internal dialogue.  I’m guessing that most people do.  A voice inside your head that talks when you’re thinking–no, I didn’t say voices, that would need professional treatment.  

What I struggle with is switching from this “internal thinking voice” to praying silently, and having it feel differently.  I know, it’s just a feeling–no, wait, a women would never say such a thing as ‘just a feeling“! 

So, anyway, I’m going about my day and I think of one of my kids–I decide to pray silently for them, and it just feels like an extension of the thinking about them.   Now, I believe by faith that God hears me–even my internal thinking voice when I’m not taking to Him, so I know he hears my prayers, but what I guess I’m missing is that feeling of connection to my Father.  Not always, but sometimes…right now…