thinking vs. praying silently

I have a internal dialogue.  I’m guessing that most people do.  A voice inside your head that talks when you’re thinking–no, I didn’t say voices, that would need professional treatment.  

What I struggle with is switching from this “internal thinking voice” to praying silently, and having it feel differently.  I know, it’s just a feeling–no, wait, a women would never say such a thing as ‘just a feeling“! 

So, anyway, I’m going about my day and I think of one of my kids–I decide to pray silently for them, and it just feels like an extension of the thinking about them.   Now, I believe by faith that God hears me–even my internal thinking voice when I’m not taking to Him, so I know he hears my prayers, but what I guess I’m missing is that feeling of connection to my Father.  Not always, but sometimes…right now…

One response to this post.

  1. Don’t you wish you could tape record that dialogue sometimes. That is good stuff but I forget it too easily

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