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THE Ace of Cakes

I have posted a couple of times about Cory, but nothing about my sweet Cameron–and she noticed.  I hate to leave her out, but I know she likes her privacy, so I was tryin to respect that. 

This picture is from last Christmas break.  It reflects 2 things she loves.  Baking and art.  That’s a gingerbread person cookie (in case you couldn’t tell).   It was de-lish, by the way.  Cameron’s an amazingly clever artist.   I love looking at her stuff–mostly drawings.  She has her very own style and an attention to details that most people wouldn’t think to add.  The other really cool thing about her art is that it usually represents thought, action, and story, so you can’t just look–you have to listen, too.

This summer, her goal is to make and decorate cakes–hopefully I can find someone to give these away to–can’t be eatin’ a cake a week all summer!  Yikes!   It’ll be fun though.  I love spending time with that girl.  and eating cake.  🙂

Be careful!

Be careful! 

 How often do we tell our kids this?  Sounds silly doesn’t it?   Be careful.  As if saying that will somehow protect them, or remind them to watch for cars, or whatever.  and if we don’t say it, they will be careless.  So, now, for fun, I tell Cory when he’s walking out the door…”Take chances!”

 Credit Tim Hawkins and the following hillarious video.