eat more fruit

I’m preparing for another fast–food, tv, breathing, I’m not sure what yet.   Maybe YouTube.  Anyways.   We’re ( anticipating an upcoming series that could bring about unity and revival in the church like this world hasn’t seen since Martin Luther’s day 4 centuries ago.  Yeah, it’s that exciting.   It’s called OnePrayer and you can read more about it here.    It’s time for some serious prayer in anticipation and expection of what God is going to be doing in June around the globe and in the church.

So, I think I might just eat fruits and veggies and water–and fast from all other foods.  My question is this-do Cherry flavored poptarts count as a fruit?  How about Strawberry Newtons?   Lime Sherbet?  Seriously, I really like food.

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  1. How’s the fast going?

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