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Fasting–can’t be done fast

So, I’m still getting ready for fasting.   I keep hearing about it, reading about it, now I’m researching it.  I know it must be spiritual rewarding–leading to a closer relationship with God.  I know I definitely want a piece of that action.  But, it’s not that simple for me.  That last time I fasted I only got a headache.   Sure it made me think of Jesus, but it wasn’t what I was hoping for.

 It doesn’t seem right to just not eat–there has to be more to it.   There has to be scheduled time to spend in meditation and prayer.  This is where I’m getting hung up–where I’m always getting hung up.   I can’t even sit through LOST, without jumping up during every commercial to do something!   I can’t be still and be quiet.  I’m always distracted and can even create my own distractions when I’m alone.

So, I just realized the goal of my fast.  To see God’s face.  To be still before him and experience His presence.  Obviously, the more time I schedule to do this–the more meaningful the experience.  But, I have to work –I have to sit at my desk for 8 hours a day.   Busy, distracted.  This is not helpful.

So, here’s where I’ve decided to start…A one day water and juice fast (next Tuesday as part of One Prayer).

Preparation: Start by cutting caffeine and sugar today, sacrifice something else (?), reading through the Psalms, begging God to teach me to fast…  all in preparation for something big.