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IKEA on the way home

Fortunately, the driver started feeling tired around Dallas so we slept north of Dallas and jusst HAD to stop at IKEA befoe heading out. Love that place. We did not have room in the Pilot for much so we just bought $10 worth of food and made plans to go back.
Looking for I-35. Kids missing the dog and the guinea pigs!

More vacation thoughts

2seperate round trips on the Bolivar Ferry–which is FREE! Saw dolphins, pelicans, and seagulls and some really big ships.
I actually got in the ocean, swam a little, fought off some deadly attack seaweed, and watch fish jumping out of the water only yards away from me.
I cAn’t believe how many people here are so wholly and completely UNconcerned with body image. I, on the other hand, am certain that everyone is looking at my gynormois thighs with disgust as soon as I take off my coverup! I just need to get over myself and take a lesson from all these confident beach goers.
On that note, we took the kids to The Spot(also known in our family as The Stand) and to Dippin Dots. They enjoyed that.

blogging on the beach via iPhone

Sitting in the back of the Pilot on the beach (yes, you can drive on the beach!) watching the kids play in the ocean and watching the big Birds dive for their lunch. Last night was an adventure. The room we thought we had we didn’t . Too long a story to type on the iPhone. 🙂 but,we did sleep good, in the llap of luxury. Weather is perfect and we found a nice beach. Water iS swarm too!

blogging on the iPhone from the car in Texas

*people in Texas drive MEAN
*I Just read The Shack in one day. (most of that day was in the car driving)
*saw a fatality accident on side of rd. (proof of mean drvrs)
*I love summer and warm weather but I’m not crazy about the beach or the ocean(they are nice to look at)
*my kids however LoVe the ocean and the beach so I will happily endure 🙂
*typing on an iPhone is not as hard as it might seem…who am I kidding, it took me 1/2 he to type this post!

My Spirit Teacher

The Spirit will guide you into all truth.  John 16:3

As I hold my Bible in my hand, I think that it can’t possibly contain all that God is, has done, or has to say.  Granted, I have not read it all (I’m only 5 chapters of John away from completing the New Testament minus Revelation, though!).  However, I still can’t fathom that it might contain all that God is…that God has nothing else to say apart from what he’s already said on those pages.

Today I have a new awareness and thankfulness for the Holy Spirit.  He speaks to me, teaches me, leads me to understanding that I could never have apart from Him.

Great Expectations-part 2

Stage 2 of Dickens’ Great Expectations, brings him to London.  Getting comfortable with his new way of life, learning how to look like and act like a gentleman.

That’s me, learning how to look like and act like a Christ follower.  With the old self still weighing me down at times, I’m trying to shake free of the old ways of thinking.

It’s been almost 9 years–wow, that sounds like a long time–since I learned that someone could have a personal relationship with God.   These 9 years have been filled with highs and lows.  Really, really highs, and really, really lows.  Knowing that Jesus has walked with me every second of those 9 years leaves me in complete awe.  Interestingly enough, it seems that after every low, the highs seem higher–you know?

If that’s what it takes to get higher, I think I’ll gladly endure some more low moments!

If Pip, from Great Expectations, can handle visits from his low relations, and his escaped convict benefactor, that surely I can learn to live in the now–in myself today, and not who I was before Christ.

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Remember I said that my girl loves to make cakes into art?  Well, this was Kevin’s cookie cake and it was AWESOME!  Crushed up Nilla Wafrs for the sand, blue water icing, pretzel and strawberry top palm trees and the Kelley family made out of clay!

If you notice in the water is a shark fin which was later replaced by a dolphin sticking its head out of the water.  It seems that Cameron put herself sitting at the water’s edge and felt uncomfortable with the shark being in the water with her!  🙂  She’s so cute!