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Ok, I just have to get a few things out there…since it’s been awhile since I’ve been posting.  Actually, a lots been happening.

My family had a great trip to Colorado to see my sister and her family–namely her twins that turned 1 year old last month!  We took “the long way” through the Oklahoma panhandle.  It was great, nothing beats small town Oklahoma.  With our atlas firmly in hand, we even detoured up to Black Mesa, the highest point in Oklahoma, 4,973 feet above sea level…yep…pretty cool, huh?  Actually it was pretty cool.  Here’s a picture of us near there.  and there…wait… “is that Black Mesa?”The best part was the “unimproved road” that we took for 17 miles trying to get back to the main road.   Kinda bumpy, though, with a pretty scary UPS driver chasing us!  Being “former Phoenixians”, we LOVE the desert landscape, and that’s mostly what the panhandle is.

Great times…fun road trip…we need more of those.

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  1. They have a huge star gazers event out at black mesa I have always wanted to go to. All kinds of people show up with some absolutely huge telescopes and every gets to looks through them

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