Guinea pig for hire

Let me introduce you to another member of our family.  This is Buster.    He’s a guinea pig, in case you don’t know your rodents very well.  Buster was part of the reason our kids were SO excited to move to Arizona 3 years ago.   They had always wanted a rodent, so when they were upset about having to pick up and move to a new state, we promised them they could get one when we got settled in the new place.   (Yes, this strategy works for us :)) So, just a couple of weeks after we arrived in Arizona, off we went to Petco to search for that perfect specimen of a guinea pig.  And that, of course, was Buster! 

Next month, we will celebrate his 3rd birthday on the day we brought him home.  Unfortunately, Buster is going to have to get a job.  His cheek teeth have needed trimming twice in the last 7 months, and will likely need it again in another 6 months.   This is a rather costly procedure as it requires a local anesthetic, but it’s either that or let the little guy die (or put him to sleep!)  and I just can’t do that to him (or my daughter).   So, if you or your children would like a picture with a very sweet guinea pig, he’s available for only $5 per portrait!    He’s very clean and friendly (doesn’t bite) and he probably won’t poo on you while you’re holding him. 🙂

4 responses to this post.

  1. Can he/she clean houses? or what about picking weeds? let me know!

  2. Posted by carikelley on July 10, 2008 at 10:17 am

    He does eat grass and weeds. He could mow for you–might take a while, but he could do it!

  3. Darn. If we were there he could earn himself twenty bucks fast! We love Buster!

  4. […] mourning the loss of an old friend today.  Poor little guy, he’s been through so much!   Frequent tooth trimmings have been very trying on his little body.  Last week, when he started looking sick, I took him […]

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