Our new fountain

Wow, me and Kevin have always liked the trickle, trickle sound of water.  (Fountains and  waterfalls, not leaky faucet trickles.)   Now, we have one in our very own backyard!  Well, technically it’s not a fountain or a waterfall, it’s the return on our new pool–but, it sounds just like one!  My mom bought a blow-up pool for her yard, only to find out her yard was much too sloped, so she gave it to us to put up in our yard.   It’s not exactly level in our yard either, hence the reason for the fountain sound (the side of the pool with the pump return is not underwater so it squirts out skyward).   

Last night, the kids were goofing around in the pool and Cory leaned on the “low side”, water pushed the edge down, and came rushing out.  Cory grabbed it and pulled it back up, but not before Cameron got swept out of the pool and onto the ground!    That gave us a good laugh!

So, now we have to add more water to the pool so that we can run the pump fountain again.  Ah, summer…

2 responses to this post.

  1. So, do we get an invite or what?!? 🙂

  2. We had one of those pools 1 summer and I drove myself crazy trying to keep the chemical right.

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