Great Expectations-part 2

Stage 2 of Dickens’ Great Expectations, brings him to London.  Getting comfortable with his new way of life, learning how to look like and act like a gentleman.

That’s me, learning how to look like and act like a Christ follower.  With the old self still weighing me down at times, I’m trying to shake free of the old ways of thinking.

It’s been almost 9 years–wow, that sounds like a long time–since I learned that someone could have a personal relationship with God.   These 9 years have been filled with highs and lows.  Really, really highs, and really, really lows.  Knowing that Jesus has walked with me every second of those 9 years leaves me in complete awe.  Interestingly enough, it seems that after every low, the highs seem higher–you know?

If that’s what it takes to get higher, I think I’ll gladly endure some more low moments!

If Pip, from Great Expectations, can handle visits from his low relations, and his escaped convict benefactor, that surely I can learn to live in the now–in myself today, and not who I was before Christ.

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