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Who do you KNOW?

I’m not terribly self-aware, but one thing I do know about myself is that my opinions can be fairly easily swayed.  I’m not a gifted arguer…put me with someone who is and I’m going down–for sure.  (if you know me, please don’t use this knowledge against me 😉 !)

While I can have strong opinions about certain things, all it takes is someone with a sharp tongue to confuse me.  The first time I realized this (although I didn’t realize it while it was happening) I was in college.  I let my Philosophy professor and my Anthropology professor convince me that God did not exist.  I was easily confused–easily swayed.

My faith is stronger now, and I’m fairly confident that it could not happen again.  But, I worry about my children.  The time will come when they will be exposed to someone who tries to convince them that they’ve put their faith in something foolish and non-existent.  I want to protect them from that.  I want to so convince them of the truth of God, to build their faith on a solid foundation, that nothing will shake them.  I think it starts and ends with relationships.  Do they trust what I say?  Do they KNOW God personally?  Is He real to them?

Building a foundation in Christ starts with Knowing Christ.  Do you KNOW Him?

Give me your eyes, part 2

Sometimes I’m like the guy in this video.  So self-focused and self-absorbed.  So critical of other people. Not considering their feelings, struggles, or pain.   That’s why I’m asking God to let me see people through His eyes.  This video says it all.  Watch it.  Let it sink in.

Nobody said it was going to be easy

Oh my gosh, I have a teenager.  This reality is hitting me more and more lately.  Cory’s 14.  The other day I noticed his Adam’s apple protruding a bit more than before.  He has some little blemishes on his face.  His voice is getting even deeper.  He’s as tall as me.  Oh, my.  In a flash, he’ll be driving, graduating high school, choosing a career path, maybe college.  He’ll want to have a girlfriend.  and so much more.

He’s desperately trying to stretch his wings of independence.  I am desperately trying to keep him close and safe.  I hear frequently about some kid that has a freak accident doing something silly…diving in a backyard pool, hit by a car doing the Chinese fire drill, walking down the street, riding a scooter, or whatever.   All of these stories make me want to protect him and tell him “no” when he wants to walk to McDonalds or 7-11, or go jogging with his friends.  But, I know I have to let go.  I see the growth in him when I trust him enough to let him go.  I’m so proud of the man he’s becoming.

So, for now,  the fear I have for his safety, is being decidedly handed over to the Lord.  It will drive me to be a passionate prayer warrior on his behalf.  Anyway, I’ve been looking for a way to make praying for my kids a consistent routine.  I guess this’ll do.

The value of eating out!

Ok, so I don’t love to cook.  It’s a family priority of ours to eat dinner together.  But, usually, someone in my family doesn’t like what we’re having…I have a picky bunch.  So, we eat out sometimes, I’ll admit.  But, Kevin pointed out to me one time that our quality of family time increases significantly when we’re out–away from home, away from the familiar.  Forced to sit at a table together (even after we’re finished eating, because where are you gonna go?).

Gina’s post about McD’s got me thinking.  Even if it’s just McDonalds, I need to stop feeling guilty about the money spent, or the junk they’re eating.  If the quality of time is good, that’s  worth it.  I guess that would be storing up treasure in heaven.  🙂

Praying for my kids

This is something I know I should do every day…that’s it’s critical to their growth and development  Ya know, the whole thing about everyone ends up somewhere, but few people end up somewhere on purpose.  I’m ashamed to admit that I pray for them sporadically and inconsistently, and not with the passion, intention, and purpose that I should.  I should pray for them like I believe it’s the most important thing I can do for them.  More important than doing their laundry, feeding them or maybe even spending time with them.

If I believe in the power of prayer, then what is the power of absence of prayer?

Any suggestions to help me make a habit of this?

Give Me Your Eyes

This song by Brandon Heath is my current favorite and I’m literally Praying it when I listen.  Here’s an excerpt:

Give me your eyes for just one second
Give me your eyes so I can see
Everything that I keep missing
Give me your love for humanity
Give me your arms for the brokenhearted
The ones that are far beyond my reach
Give me your heart for the one’s forgotten
Give me your eyes so I can see

So often I get caught up in myself–(and can become “discombobulated”!).  The only way out is to cling to something bigger than me.  God is definitely bigger than me.  This song starts out with a big picture look at the world —the familiar shock of confusion and chaos, all those people going somewhere, why have I never cared?

Why?  Because I don’t look at people through God’s eyes.  To see the insecurity, fear, pain–how would we treat people if we could look at them all the time through His eyes…

I noticed I keep switching pronouns–I/we.  It’s because I own this, this is me at times, but I know I’m not alone.

Lord, give us your eyes.


Confused or disconcerted; frustrated, upset

Do you ever feel this way?  Like your mind is disconnected from your body?  You can just sit and stare into space.  The answer to every question is “I don’t know”. 

What do you want for dinner?  “I don’t know”

Are you ready to go?  “I don’t know”

Mom, you wanna play?  “I don’t know”

I’ve got to shake this.  Or find the root and yank it out and burn it in a fire.

blogging vs. twitter

I’ve been behind on my blog reading and blog writing lately.  Feeling a bit restless, can’t stay put long enough to blog.  I’ve also been thinking in shorter bursts.  Feeling discombobulated, and a bit unconnected to myself–does that sound weird?  Yeah, it feels weird too.

When my 11 year old told me she’d set up a Twitter–and then went to twittering in the car on the iPhone, it got me to thinkin’…blogging takes more time and thought (at least right now) for me, maybe I should twitter instead…

is the goal to have lots of people “following” you?  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  Who would care what I was doing or thinking at any given moment?   I’d link you to me on Twitter, but don’t know how…I’m just “carikelley”.

What would I twitter today?  Got up early, watched Little Women, spent way too much $ on school supplies for Cam.  (Cory will be in High School–don’t know what he’ll need yet!) Ate lunch, set up twitter acct, posted on the blog.  Gotta go pack for OKC LC team retreat (I hate packing!).