Praying for my kids

This is something I know I should do every day…that’s it’s critical to their growth and development  Ya know, the whole thing about everyone ends up somewhere, but few people end up somewhere on purpose.  I’m ashamed to admit that I pray for them sporadically and inconsistently, and not with the passion, intention, and purpose that I should.  I should pray for them like I believe it’s the most important thing I can do for them.  More important than doing their laundry, feeding them or maybe even spending time with them.

If I believe in the power of prayer, then what is the power of absence of prayer?

Any suggestions to help me make a habit of this?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Have you seen this list?

    It is 31 spiritual principals to pray for your kids, one for each day of the month. You write them on your calendar and focus on one a day.

  2. The power of absence of prayer….thats good stuff. Makes you think which is more critical. I know with my little girls I pray with them every night. It is a thing we do no matter how tired or whiney they may be. BUT how often do I pray for them passionately when no one else is around….wish I could say more.

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