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The value of eating out!

Ok, so I don’t love to cook.  It’s a family priority of ours to eat dinner together.  But, usually, someone in my family doesn’t like what we’re having…I have a picky bunch.  So, we eat out sometimes, I’ll admit.  But, Kevin pointed out to me one time that our quality of family time increases significantly when we’re out–away from home, away from the familiar.  Forced to sit at a table together (even after we’re finished eating, because where are you gonna go?).

Gina’s post about McD’s got me thinking.  Even if it’s just McDonalds, I need to stop feeling guilty about the money spent, or the junk they’re eating.  If the quality of time is good, that’s  worth it.  I guess that would be storing up treasure in heaven.  🙂