Who do you KNOW?

I’m not terribly self-aware, but one thing I do know about myself is that my opinions can be fairly easily swayed.  I’m not a gifted arguer…put me with someone who is and I’m going down–for sure.  (if you know me, please don’t use this knowledge against me 😉 !)

While I can have strong opinions about certain things, all it takes is someone with a sharp tongue to confuse me.  The first time I realized this (although I didn’t realize it while it was happening) I was in college.  I let my Philosophy professor and my Anthropology professor convince me that God did not exist.  I was easily confused–easily swayed.

My faith is stronger now, and I’m fairly confident that it could not happen again.  But, I worry about my children.  The time will come when they will be exposed to someone who tries to convince them that they’ve put their faith in something foolish and non-existent.  I want to protect them from that.  I want to so convince them of the truth of God, to build their faith on a solid foundation, that nothing will shake them.  I think it starts and ends with relationships.  Do they trust what I say?  Do they KNOW God personally?  Is He real to them?

Building a foundation in Christ starts with Knowing Christ.  Do you KNOW Him?

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  1. I think everyone goes through those times when your faith is tested. But i don’t really think your faith can be deep enough unless you really have been tested. They have the foundation and they will always come back home

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