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Things to remember at a HS football game

Things you might hear at a HS football game:
“watch for the screen!”
“that’s not a spot foul, ref!”
“Get ‘im!”
“come on ref!”
“you’re stinkin’ up the field defense!” (do you really say that to a bunch of 14 year olds?!!!!)

Also, when the announcer calls your team by the wrong name, you have to yell really loud to let him know.

Best time to go to a game: clear night, 75 degrees, of course with your comfy stadium cushion firmly planted under your fanny. Even better if you’ve left the younger sib at home 🙂

Decorating the Master Suite-After

Hours of HGTV, 3 cans of paint, new bedding (thanks, MOM!), some curtains, lamps, a ceiling fan, and wall art. and an entire Saturday, and Shazam!  Believe me, the camera could not capture the warmth and coziness of this transformed room.  I love it!

Decorating the Master Suite–Before

I watch a lot of HGTV, but still struggle with decorating.  I just don’t have the knack for it, bless my heart.   It’s hard to capture a whole room with one camera shot, so you may have to use your imagination a bit.  Here’s a before pic of the room.

Imagine white walls, white mini blinds, white doors, white ceiling fan, white trim…you getting the idea?  Now throw in some really old light colored bedding.  There you go.  That’s our room.  Nothing on the walls, no color.  Blah.  2 years of blah.  Time for action!

Photographic Evidence!

See!  I told you!  Pieces….on the floor!  Could’ve killed me!

oh, Crap!

So, I had a post all ready for today, but then something EXTRA Special happened to me today.   Something you might not even believe.  Something so explosive that even I don’t believe it.  Are you ready?

The gosh darn toilet at work exploded! I peed, I flushed, it blew.  Exploded, as in, pieces of toilet (and toilet water) all over the floor of the bathroom now.  It’s a miracle I wasn’t injured…or killed!  We took pictures and I’ll post them later…or you can come by the office and take a look if you don’t believe me.

Things I’m thankful for today:

  • I’m not the type who flushes while still sitting down
  • I didn’t poop (because that poop would be laying on the floor of the bathroom right now)
  • I wasn’t hurt.
  • I work in a place where people won’t make fun of me because I blew up a toilet (yeah, right!)

Debt Free!

Don’t get too excited, it’s not real life. Remember way back when…Gameboy DS days?  You can click here for background if you’re interested.  My little Animal Crossing girl finally paid off her home debt!  Yeah!  Here’s a pic of her in her Royal Crown and Shirt celebrating!  I know…I’m a dork.  But at least I’m a regal-looking dork (with pretty blue glasses).

Cameron, aka Shrimp

So, when I did my Wordle last week, Cameron’s name didn’t even show up, but her brothers did.  She noticed.  So I have to write a post about my precious daughter using her name, Cameron, enough times that it will show up on my next Wordle.  If you dont know what a Wordle is, click here, or look at mine from a couple of days ago.

I’ve already posted about her mad cooking skills, her love of art, and the occasional emotional drama.

Have I mentioned that she’s also vertically challenged?  Yes, friends, she’s short.  Shortest in her class, according to her.  I haven’t actually “sized up” all of her classmates, but evidently she has.  Generally, she takes it in stride.  She knows she is exactly the height that God intended her to be today.  Last week, the librarian at her school told Cameron that her name means “shrimp” in some other language…Shrimp! I’m sure she didn’t mean it insultingly, but come on.  Like she doesn’t already hear random comments from strangers all the time about her size.  “She’s so little.”  “Is she really in 6th grade?”, etc. That afternoon, after she relayed this story to me, she decided that she wants to be called shrimp, as a nickname.

She knows I like to call her by nicknames, and I have a lot of them already.  Lulu, Cam, Sunshine (actually this is her dad’s name for her), and now Shrimp.  How ’bout Small Fry, Squatty, or Midget?

Hopefully my next Wordle will have her name prominently featured…her real name, Cameron, and not all those nicknames 🙂 !

Goodbye Arizona

It’s a sad day for me.  My last piece of evidence that I was ever an Arizonian…my beautiful Arizona drivers license, with the picture of the Grand Canyon on it…was surrendered today.  I’m still not sure why i did it, the darn thing didn’t expire until I reach 65 years of age, and that is a looooooonnnnggg time from now.  And I loved it, the picture was good, and it was from Arizona….and it had the Grand Canyon on it….did I already say all that?  Sorry.  I took a picture of it and I’m posting it here so everyone can see what a cool license it was, and why I was sad to surrender it today.  Can I hear a collective “awwww”?

Oh yeah, I did it because the law says you have to, and so I didn’t have to drive back to Arizona to vote in the Presidential election.  Gas is too expensive for that, although….I do need a reason to visit….


Misty led me to   A cool website that’s fun to play with and make art with words.  You can link the site to your blog (or anyone else’s) or type in your own words and it makes art for you!  I love this one because it is like peeking into my brain.  Literally, sometimes it feels just like a jumble of words.  The larger the word in your wordle, the more times it was used.  Hmm…wonder where my thoughts linger?

Does that make me a bad mom?

Is it wrong to completely ignore your child’s whining cries for help??   I’m not talking about just not responding to them, but putting in the iPod earbuds so that you can’t even hear her anymore…  It felt wrong yesterday, but also felt somehow….right…  not exactly “keeping the lines of communication open”  oh well.   Some days you’re a superstar and some days you’re a mud puddle.

On the up side, we narrowly avoided a complete homework meltdown last night.   My precious daughter walked right up to the edge of the cliff, metaphorically speaking, of course, and did not jump!   I was so proud of her!  She recognized what was happening all by herself, and turned the other way.   It was a first for her and let me tell you, I praised her for it (not at that moment, of course, but later when more rational thoughts and emotions were prevailing).

Maybe I’ll ignore her more often. 🙂  and, I know, I’m not a bad mom.  In fact, I know I rock the mom hood