Communicatin’ with a teenager

So, I’ve been praying EVERY day for both of my kids.  On Friday, it was after noon when I remembered to pray for them for the day and I almost panicked!   The idea of the absence of prayer has been getting to me–if I believe in the power of prayer, then what is the power of the absence of it?  Not that I think that if I don’t pray for them, that God won’t watch over them, or work in their lives…because he still will…so why pray?  Oh yeah, relationship.  oh, this God thing is so complicated for my brain…

Anyway, when I pray for them, especially for Cory, I always think of things that I should have told him…stuff like, “remember to be humble, even though you get to wear your football jersey to school today”, or “be sweet to the girls-be a gentleman”.  you know, stuff like that.

Cindy Beall posted about the importance of communication…just talking.  Keeping the lines open.  I am happy to say that in the last 3 days, I’ve made an intentional effort to do this with Cory.  Saturday night, I was tired and Cory was still up (working on nothing less than a duct tape wallet!).  I went to bed, but only laid there for about 90 seconds before I realized that I couldn’t miss a chance to “help” him with the wallet and just sit with him to talk.  I brought up the subject of girlfriends–something we had touched on a couple of weeks before.  This is something he’s uncomfortable talking about with me–I think he was afraid that I would tease him.  So, I laid it all out for him.  Told him not to hide it, that his dad and I wanted to be involved, answer questions, that we cared about him, accepted him, and expected that he would like a girl or two because it was normal and the way God created him to think and feel.

It was a good connection, I think.  Definitely worth missing 1/2 hour of sleep for.  and the wallet turned out awesome–card pockets and everything!

2 responses to this post.

  1. I need the blue print for that duct tape wallet.

    Keeping those line of communication open are difficult some times

  2. […] It felt wrong yesterday, but also felt somehow….right…  not exactly “keeping the lines of communication open“  oh well.   Some days you’re a superstar and some days you’re a mud […]

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