Does that make me a bad mom?

Is it wrong to completely ignore your child’s whining cries for help??   I’m not talking about just not responding to them, but putting in the iPod earbuds so that you can’t even hear her anymore…  It felt wrong yesterday, but also felt somehow….right…  not exactly “keeping the lines of communication open”  oh well.   Some days you’re a superstar and some days you’re a mud puddle.

On the up side, we narrowly avoided a complete homework meltdown last night.   My precious daughter walked right up to the edge of the cliff, metaphorically speaking, of course, and did not jump!   I was so proud of her!  She recognized what was happening all by herself, and turned the other way.   It was a first for her and let me tell you, I praised her for it (not at that moment, of course, but later when more rational thoughts and emotions were prevailing).

Maybe I’ll ignore her more often. 🙂  and, I know, I’m not a bad mom.  In fact, I know I rock the mom hood

3 responses to this post.

  1. Talking to you about things that are important is one thing but I am all for ignoring the whine.

    Just don’t let them know you said “rock the mom hood”

  2. You are a great Mom… and yes you do rock (whatever that means… ha ha 🙂

  3. you do ‘rock the mom hood’. i put my ear buds in too.

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