Cameron, aka Shrimp

So, when I did my Wordle last week, Cameron’s name didn’t even show up, but her brothers did.  She noticed.  So I have to write a post about my precious daughter using her name, Cameron, enough times that it will show up on my next Wordle.  If you dont know what a Wordle is, click here, or look at mine from a couple of days ago.

I’ve already posted about her mad cooking skills, her love of art, and the occasional emotional drama.

Have I mentioned that she’s also vertically challenged?  Yes, friends, she’s short.  Shortest in her class, according to her.  I haven’t actually “sized up” all of her classmates, but evidently she has.  Generally, she takes it in stride.  She knows she is exactly the height that God intended her to be today.  Last week, the librarian at her school told Cameron that her name means “shrimp” in some other language…Shrimp! I’m sure she didn’t mean it insultingly, but come on.  Like she doesn’t already hear random comments from strangers all the time about her size.  “She’s so little.”  “Is she really in 6th grade?”, etc. That afternoon, after she relayed this story to me, she decided that she wants to be called shrimp, as a nickname.

She knows I like to call her by nicknames, and I have a lot of them already.  Lulu, Cam, Sunshine (actually this is her dad’s name for her), and now Shrimp.  How ’bout Small Fry, Squatty, or Midget?

Hopefully my next Wordle will have her name prominently featured…her real name, Cameron, and not all those nicknames 🙂 !

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