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Gettin’ healthy

For 9 weeks now I’ve been going to Whiny-Girl Exercise Boot Camp on Monday mornings at 5:15 am…yes, I said A.M.!!  Man, that’s early.  Still dark–still nighttime, aka sleeping time.

Special props to Mike, an incredibly nice guy who drives miles and miles –for free!–to work out some whiny girls…um, I mean some of us LC girls at 5:15 (AM!) every Monday morning with a smile on his face.

So, anyway, I come on Mondays, then I’m sore for the next 3 days and then I come back on Monday, sore again…   What should I be doing in between Mondays??? Yes, that’s right–exercising!  Duh…and eating better…duh.   At least that would maximize my Monday morning efforts more.  Like that alliteration?  Anyways…I’m tired of wasting my once a week efforts..  I’m almost 40, I’ve got to get healthy before I get really old so I can stay healthy!  Yes, I said almost 40!  ugh…

I’m on day 3 of counting calories, sucking in my abdominables, and moving more.  There.  Now I’m accountable to (potentially) the entire world (I know the whole world doesn’t read my blog, but they could, so there!).  If I give up tomorrow, I’ll have to answer to the world.

I’ll keep you posted.