Can you Imagine the Carnage?

I’ve been reading Deuteronomy (did I mention I’m trying to finish the Old Testament by the end of the year?).   The Lord promised the Israelites when he brought them out of Egypt to take them to a better place–their promised land.  So, after some drama, some disobedience, and a lot of wandering, He’s leading them in to their new land.  The problem?  Someone already lives there!   Other people have settled the land, built towns, houses, set up shop, fortified walls, etc.  Hmmm… what to do now?…

Should we ask them nicely to leave?  Give them 30 days? Nah..just kill ’em.  That’s what God did.  Just killed them.  Well, to be fair, the bible says, “The Lord gave Moses and the Israelites victory over them“. But he completely destroyed everyone; men, women and children. And then they took everything of value for themselves.  I’m imagining the blood, the utter destruction after the battle, the babies lying dead in the street near their dead mothers.  Ok, sorry, that was too much.   But, really, it must have been horrible.  And it didn’t just happen once, but several times in several places.

Justification: Deut 9:5 Because of their wickedness and to fulfill the oath He swore to your ancestors.  and Deut 20:18 This will prevent the people of the land from teaching you to imitate their detestable customs in the worship of their gods, which would cause you to sin deeply against the Lord your God.

So, they were wicked?  I guess you can justify total annihilation of a community because they were wicked and in the way.  Sorry, again.  I’m really not questioning God’s sovereignty, or whether or not he’s fair, just and loving.  I’m sure of those things being unchanging.  It just makes me think about how much I don’t understand about my God.

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  1. Posted by tommysimpson on April 3, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    Battle in them days was always cruel. There was no shooting someone from 200 feet away. You were up close and the killing was done with weapons that slashed or smashed. The way God originally set it to be he was going to live in the presence of the Hebrews. God and sin are incompatible. God can not live where sin is. Sounds cruel but that is the way it is

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