Still Gettin’ Healthy

Day 10:

I’m sure you’re all wondering if I’m sticking to my commitment to get healthy, or if I’ve slacked off.  Good news, I’m still on track!  Yeah, me!  I’m still counting calories AND moving more. And I’ve even lost a little, says the scale.

I wish I could say that I was proud of myself, but I’ve done this many times before.  Many. Times. Before.  Oh, yeah, I’ve lost weight.  Then gained weight. Then lost it. Then gained it.  I have so many different sizes of clothes in my closet it’s not even funny. So, I know it’s only a matter of time before I crack.  Oh, you could say that “This time’s gonna be different!”  Yeah, but I’ve said that before too.  Oh, well, I know I’m still livin’ if I’m still struggling with my weight and body image. 🙂  Not bitter.

Today I found myself on the Panda Express website drooling over the pictures and descriptions of their famous Orange Chicken.  You see, they FINALLY opened one near us.  You wanna guess just how many calories is in ONE SERVING of Orange Chicken??!!  500!!  That doesn’t even include the noodles that have to go with it!  Those suckers are 390 calories/serving!   Oh, the humanity! What do I do!??  Not eat it!??  Ever again?!?   Can I be disciplined and just eat half a serving?! and a fourth of a serving of noodles?  That seems reasonable for a meal…but, they are soooo yummy!  Oh, can I do it?

On the upside, I did not eat the flesh of my own children–read this in Deut. 28 and it made me lose my appetite.  gross.

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