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The only light in a dark world

I saw a movie today, The City of Ember, because I loved the book.   I don’t know about you, but I always prefer the book over the movie if I’ve read it first, but I see the movie anyway–don’t know why.  Anyway, it’s still a good movie, and there is a line at the beginning of the movie, describing the city as “the only light in a dark world“.  Oh, that was a good line.  Let me repeat it.  Please?

The only light in a dark world.

Deeper/double meaning for me.  Jesus is the only light in a dark world.

In these times of uncertainty, war, and hate, the world seems like a dark place if you look too long at it.  So many lost, so much pain, loss, disappointment, fear.  Like a deep black hole, ready to cave in on itself.   But, Jesus…He is the only light in a dark world.

Forgive me for the “dark” post. I’m feeling melancholy.

Read the book, or see the movie if you don’t want to read…either way, good story.