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Vacationing….in Norman, OK

Fall Break came around and we didn’t have any big plans…a movie on Friday morning-aye, Chihuahua, but that was about it…where could we go that was close, cheap, and fun???  Did somebody say Norman, Oklahoma?  Home of the Sooners?  Hot-diggity!

Kevin and I both went to school there–Kevin, Law School and me, undergrad, so we have lots of fun memories in that town.  The Service Station, where we went on our first date, the buildings, the campus, old apartments, the church where I voted in the 1988 Presidential Election.  I know, exciting stuff.

So, hello Fall Break “Trip”!  First things first.  A special breakfast.  If you’ve never tried Chicken Mini’s from Chick Fil A, you’re missing out on a little piece of heaven.

The mums on the South Oval of the OU Campus were in full bloom.  This is an annual tradition.  Often they are planted in a eye-pleasing pattern, or arranged to make a picture.  Last year, for example, there was a windmill, covered wagon, oil derrick and other things representing the Centennial.  I love going down to the campus to see the mums.

and the trees….oh, I love the trees in Norman.

the Little River Zoo is a unique zoo which houses a lot of rescued animals.  They have black bears, mountain lions, kangaroos (including one that’s blind), and lots of other animals.  It’s a great chance to get up close and personal with a porcupine, too!  When you go, get ready for a guided tour of the zoo/refuge.

We ended the day with a trip to the famed Warren Theatre in Moore, OK to see The City of Ember, which I already blogged about here. The kids had a good time, and so did the adults.  Grand total for this “vacation”…$110.00.  Family memories…priceless.  Beat that!