For girls only…

Unless you just want to delve into the inner workings of the female mind, I suggest you click here instead of reading on. 🙂  You’ve been warned.  You’re welcome, Justin. 🙂

I read a post this morning over at Virtuous Reality that made my heart stop.  I wanted to just copy and paste the whole thing over here, but I’ll link to it instead at the bottom and just touch on a couple of points.  I love this blog, b/c it’s about girls and combating the messages that the world sends to them.  (It’s actually a blog for teen girls) But, it’s everything God is teaching me about who I am,  who I am not, and why I struggle with the sin that I struggle with.

“Our world has built up human relationships as the ultimate goal for girls, but Biblically the ultimate relationship is always always Jesus. He’s the original White Knight riding in on His horse to save us (Revelation 19:11) and He is the only Faithful and True love who will satisfy.”

Ok, this sounds lovely, but really?  Can Jesus really satisfy the longing in my soul to be loved, cherished, desired?

“if you find that you are obsessed with the stories and dream of being swept off your feet by someone like Edward (from the Twilight books), you probably need to step back from the books and spend some time pursuing the Lover of your soul who died so that you could truly live. We settle much too easily for what the world has to offer and miss out on the one thrilling relationship that we were made for.”

The world has trained girls/women, ME, to think that the fantasy of stories from books, movies and TV is somehow linked to the reality of real world relationships.  Why is it that girls LOVE chick flicks and TV shows with romance?? Why??  Because we are relational.  That’s the way God designed us.  and because girls need to know that somebody thinks we are beautiful.  That somebody loves us, accepts us, completes us, takes care of us, protects us, stands up for us.  We’re empty, scared, and vulnerable without that somebody.

Well, correct me if I’m wrong and you do have this perfect man, but I’m thinkin’ that my Jesus is the ONLY one who could ever fill these shoes.  So for now, for me, ALL other influences must be silenced so that I can hear my  Jesus saying, “Cari, you’re beautiful.  Cari, you are completely loved and accepted. Cari, I will defend you, protect you, and never leave you.”  Cari, you are special to me and I’m so proud of you.”  “Cari, nobody will ever separate me from you. I will always be there for you and always, always be EVERYTHING you need.”

Nothing else will satisfy my desire to be loved, cherished, and desired.

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  1. wow cari! i’m seriously impressed with your insight. now, how in the world will i begin to instill all of this in my girls when i can’t quite grasp it myself???????

  2. Posted by christyd4 on November 25, 2008 at 10:25 am

    I feel the exact same as Misty. Shelby is obsessed with Twilight, she’s read all four books and they’re big. I don’t know how to teach her what I haven’t learned yet. I guess it’s going to be a crash course for me.

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  4. […] Cari has a sporadically updated blog, but she talked about this years ago, which you can read HERE. Yes, she was talking to teen girls, but that could be me. I get too involved. I see these […]

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