100 posts–the evolution of a blog

In honor of my 100th post–a new look!  I’m jealous of those that have “custom” designs…mine’s just a template…but that’s alright, I’m not jealous–I’m NOT jealous, that would be silly! SILLY!

When I first started this thing about 6 months ago, I mostly just wanted to talk to myself.  to record my thoughts and feelings.  I can hardly believe that I’ve thought of 100 somethings to say!

I’ve occasionally found that I’m thinking about, and sometimes worried about, who might be reading.  I read some blogs that are just stories of someone else’s life–sometimes amusing, sometimes enlightening, sometimes interesting and sometimes not.  And then there are the blogs that are designed for conversation, ministry, information, or to support a cause.  Some of my favorite blogs are by totally random people I don’t know but they just make me laugh out loud…like June at Bye Bye Pie.

So, my goal is to find and define the purpose of my blog. You know what, that’s just crazy talk…I’m not gonna do that…b/c that would “limit” my creativity.  Whatever.  Maybe in 2009. Anyway, it looks pretty. 🙂

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