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I don’t hate Christmas…yes, I do, no, I don’t…

Yes, I do…

I’d love to “wake up” and follow JC’s advice and do Christmas without the crap, but life just won’t let me.

Whether it’s b/c of obligation, or other reasons, I have to buy gifts.  I have to do all of the Christmas stuff. I can’t avoid it.  For starters, there are some people I’d really like to honor with something special.  Although, I have a hard time balancing 2 concepts–generosity and stewardship.  How can I be generous and enjoy giving and also be smart with my family’s money. The answer is probably “creatively!” but, that takes time and brain power that I just don’t have…

My life is already almost more than I can handle.  Just the business and details of running a household, taking care of 2 kids and 3 pets, having another Full Time out-of-the-house job, is overwhelming sometimes.  Paying the bills on time (all of them), what’s for dinner, who’s got homework, etc.  I can usually stay on top of things with to-do lists–I can use these fairly effectively.  However, my to-do lists for home and work can eat me alive.  So, here comes Christmas, time to add another separate to-do list.

It feels like someone opened up my skull, took a whisk, and scrambled my brains. Now I can’t get anything done.  I know I should start earlier to get it all done, but I dread the pressure–why would I want to start it sooner than absolutely necessary??

So, should I “just say no”?  No to sending Christmas cards, no to shopping for the perfect gifts, no to lights and stocking stuffers, and homemade goodies, etc??  I don’t think I’m a strong enough rebel to say no.  I’ll cave to the pressure and somehow get through it. and somehow take care of myself and spend as much time with my Savior as I possibly can.  I don’t have a choice in that–my sanity depends on it.

How does everyone else deal with the pressure?