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I love my mom

I talk to my mom every day and see her several times a week.  She lives close and I know I’m lucky.  Believe me, I know.  I lived 1000 miles away from her for a year.  But now I live 1 mile away from her.  I’m lucky.  I know my sister would love to live closer to her.  I do not take it for granted.

My mom is an incredible women.  Brave, strong, funny, beautiful, generous.  We laugh together, A LOT.  Mostly b/c I think I’m way funny…and she humors me….ask her about her witch doctor…he he.

She encourages me.  She’s a great listener.  She’s a giver. She’s wise.

She listens to me. Sometimes I drone on and on and talk about random stuff that doesn’t even matter…and she listens.  She listens because she cares.  or b/c she’s polite.  She’s made her share of mistakes in life, like we all have, and she encourages me to make the right choices.  She’s not afraid to hurt my feelings and tell me like it is.   I like that.  I need that.

For some reason, she likes to clean out her pantry every time I’m at her house.  I’ll be headed out the door and she’s standing in the pantry, pulling things out to give to me. “Here, will you guys eat these?” Here, take this box of crackers, the kids will eat these.”  or she’s in her room, “Here, take this shirt, it doesn’t fit me right.” She’s a giver.

She loves my kids and loves to spend time with them.  And they KNOW she loves them and they feel the same about her.  She’s the best grandma I know.   She’s great with advice on what to do with them too.  You know, b/c she’s been there, done that.   She’s wise.

Words could never be enough to tell her how much I love her, like her, appreciate her, need her.

Thanks, mom.  I love you!