All I want for Christmas

You know what lights me on fire?  You wanna hear what makes me really mad?  I hate hearing someone say “we’re not going to be able to have Christmas this year, b/c ____ (fill in the blank)”.  WHAT?!!  WHAT?!  What does that mean “not going to have Christmas”?!?  It means we won’t be able to buy presents for our kids.  We won’t be able to buy stuff for everyone.  So, does that mean you won’t have Christmas?!?  (This should probably be in all caps, b/c I’m typing really hard and my inner voice is screaming!)  Can somebody give me an amen?!  <<deep breath>>

Can we “have Christmas” without the presents?  Yes.  It’s about the savior of the world coming to live and die on this earth to save us.  I’m pretty sure we can acknowledge that without giving the latest gadget to our kid or a robe and slippers to our mother-in-law!

I am in one of the “lucky” families who will get to have Christmas–i.e. my kids will get presents.  They don’t need anything.  they really don’t.  They have more than most kids in the world.  My mission this coming year is to prepare my kids to do Christmas differently.  It’s too late this year–we’ve already given them their presents—a week and a half early.   I didn’t want Christmas day to be about that.

I just watched this video b/c someone I love sent it to me and it has completely messed me up!.  God’s been doing something inside me for a while now and this is it.

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  1. WOW!!! Why did I even watch that crap? I knew what it would be like, but I did it anyway. Now, I’m sitting here with my wife getting a chuckle out of me bawling like a baby. Videos and stuff like this really piss me off. I think what it does is piss me off at myself. I’m a huge proponent of doing Christmas without the crap, yet, there is tons of crap (and that’s what it is, CRAP) under my tree while there’s who won’t eat today, won’t take a drink of clean fresh water, or even worse… won’t have anyone hold them and tell them they’re loved today.

    Damn it. I suck. Thanks for waking me up Cari. I believe I’ll have to copy your post to mine for more to see.

  2. Posted by ToniQue on December 16, 2008 at 9:52 am

    Lots to think about. I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t mean we were supposed to buy things we (or our kids) didn’t need, with money we don’t have to make some kind of a status statement that only reflects the world’s values, not Christ’s. Great post!

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