Hosea married a Gomer? tee hee

Know Him-Knowing Him–Do I really know Him?

Hosea the prophet was instructed to marry a prostitute.  And he picked one named Gomer…  To his credit, he obeys. She, the new wife/”former” prostitute, follows her own desire (and is not appreciative of the salvation that this marriage is for her) and she is repeatedly unfaithful to her husband, Hosea.

Now parallel Israels deliverance from slavery in Egypt.  The Israelites follow their own desires, worship other gods and are repeatedly unfaithful to GOD–their rescuer, salvation, deliverer.  We can look at that and say-“how stupid were they?!”  But, how often are we unfaithful?   How often do I seek some other “little g” god for security, fulfillment, etc.   I’m not unlike Hosea’s wife, Gomer (tee hee).  I was a prostitute–(NOT LITERALLY!), and God took me in as His.  I am not always faithful to Him.

Hosea says in chapter 6, “Oh, that we might know the Lord!  Let us press on to know HIM.”   and GOD confirms the value in this to the Israelites in Hosea 6:6 “I want you to show love, not offer sacrifices. I want you to know me more than I want burnt offerings.”  In other words, God is saying, “I know you need forgiveness, and you feel guilty for being unfaithful, but I just really want you to know me.  If you would just know me, then everything else would fall into place.  You would easily love me and love others.”

My quest these past  2 or 3 months has been to know Him.  Just to learn more about him.  I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never read the whole bible before.  I’ve been coming to church consistently for 9 years–going through the motions, doing the best I knew how, but missing out on sooooo much.

Everything else is worthless compared with knowing Jesus. Phil 3:8

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  1. […] goal when I started (the reason I wanted to read it in a year) was to know God better. I believed that knowing Him better would help me to love Him more.  True that.   Also, wisdom and […]

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