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Gettin’ Healthy Update #492

I know, you all probably thought I gave up on my Gettin’ healthy “project” that I started back in October…well, you’re wrong!  Sure, the holidays have been tough.  LOTS of good food available all the time.  Someone’s always making some delectable homemade goodies and making gifts of them.    It seems the norm to over-indulge during this season.

I’ve done as good as could be expected.  I just went over to to see when was the last time I logged my food and guess what…it was the day BEFORE Thanksgiving.  What does that tell ya?  I’ve had 5 weeks of  free eating.  Surprisingly, the scale is holding steady…certainly hasn’t gone down at all, but hasn’t gone up either.

So, I’ve adjusted my goals over at FitDay and I’ll be back on track tomorrow. I’m most concerned with getting the sugar out of my system (again) and getting rid of the cravings (again).  The sugar always makes me feel so sluggish and yucky.  Now, if I could only commit to exercising more than once a week…who wants to join me?  I need someone to drag me out of my chair and out of the house!