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Spend Nothing-Part 2

Ok, so it’s not a hair-brained scheme.  I think it’s just plain old common sense.  Being frugal.  Tight.  Daring to be different.  Spitting in the face of consumerism. Whatever you wanna call it.

Already a problem…2, in fact.  It’s a birthday month for the Kelley house.  The youngest darling turns 12!  Oh, my.  She wants to go ice skating with a friend for her birthday.  That’ll be $15-20 easy.  Cookie cake–which, by the way, she always creates the design and the lovely people at Eileen’s Colossal Cookie make it perfect every time!–$10.  Birthday gift, traditional birthday balloon, etc…$??

and problem #2…the spouse doesn’t get it/is not into it/wants to modify it/whatever you wanna call it.  So, I’ll just do what I can.

I’ve been averaging some numbers, thanks to some handy features on and Quicken.  By the way, guess who gets the biggest chunk of our money (after the mortgage)??  You guessed it!  Walmart!  uggg…consumerism is alive and well, and it’s born and raised at Walmart.  I feel like such a mindless robot. shop.

But, it’s where we get most of our groceries (except milk which we get at Braums) and all of our spending cash (we use our Discover card to get cash back from Walmart–and get cash back on the card–get it?–seems to make sense to us), so I guess that makes sense that Walmart gets so much business from us.

My plan is to take what we normally spend per week (averaged) and cut that in half.  well, maybe two-thirds…what’s practical?  Can we eat mac and cheese  3 days a week?

Still working on exact numbers to aim for.

Spending nothing in Feb

nospend_challenge-726776From Leaving Excess, who got it from Mom Advice.

What a novel idea.  Spend nothing.

We have heard so much lately about the economic downturn/crisis.  You don’t have to look far to read about layoffs, buyouts, and foreclosures.   So far, my life has continued on as normal.   As if my family is completely immune to the effects of this global problem(is it a “global” problem…i don’t really know..)  But, reality check…we ‘re not!  So, I’m slow to react, but I am reacting!

Since we just refinanced our mortgage (reduced our interest rate by 1.75%!), we won’t have a mortgage payment in February.  This is a great time to:

A. spend a little extra on other junk   or    B.  save, save, save like crazy!

I’m not a natural-born saver, but I’m going to pick B anyway.  And February is a short month, and I love a challenge!  Now, of course, I won’t be spending NOTHING, we have to eat, you know, but I can come up with a plan to spend significantly less than normal.    So, I have one more day to come up with a solid plan—with actual numbers and everything—so check back.   and wish me luck talking the spouse into this crazy hair-brained scheme!