Challenging the status quo

Economy, recession, lay-offs, buy-outs, blah, blah, blah.  And I don’t even watch the news!  It’s not that I’m “irritated” by it all, but … jeesh, can we hear something positive?

Just today, a guy came into the church needing help paying his rent and car payment–he was more than a little behind on his car pymt and is probably going to have to sell the thing or lose it.    Another lady called the church b/c her family had nothing to eat in the house.  They couldn’t afford groceries.  I see stories like this EVERY SINGLE week!

Part of the reason I am doing this Spend Nothing Challenge is just to bring an awareness of what could be. And to take a step back and rethink where we spend money.  Challenge the way we think. Shift my trust in our ability to provide for ourselves, to completely trusting in God’s ability to provide for us.  And then honor our money/resources like they came from Him. I know I can be somewhat careless with money and it seems like that’s not honoring to God.

The thought crossed my mind to give away want we don’t spend this month.  Wouldn’t that be a statement?  I’m not quite there yet…I’ll pray about it though.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Good thoughts. I’ve been praying about what all this economic stuff means for me and my family and God’s plan. Interesting.

  2. Hey, nice new digs! I’m right there with you. I’m not sure what this economy business means to me but I want to do something that honors the Lord as the world gets tougher for us all. Hmmm….good thoughts.

    On a side note. I watched your cute kids do their tricks on fb yesterday. teehee 🙂

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