Archive for February 6th, 2009

Ok, really…I suck.  Really, I do.  I think some evil vanity monster just took over my mind.  I just spent 15 completely unnecessary dollars on a domain name….DURING my Spend Nothing Challenge month!

I was doing some blog “maintenance” and saw a little thing flash across the top that told me I could buy my own domain for only $15/year!  How in the world could i resist?!  who would have guessed that would be available?! I realize I could have waited until March 1 to spend the 15 ridiculous dollars on my own domain name, but WHAT IF (and this is a big what if)…what if some other Cari Kelley was looking to purchase their own domain in February 2009?  I would have missed my chance FOR EVER!

This is the kind of stuff I”m talking about when I said I can be somewhat careless spending money.  Do I need to own  Of course not!  Do I want it, well…I guess.  You’re probably thinking, “it’s only $15!”, but the amount is not the point….it’s the mindset.

And the truth is, I have NO idea what (if anything) I can do with  When I type it in, it just comes straight to my blog.  Whoopee.