No Spend Challenge-week 2

Wow, it’s been a busy week!  First a birthday, then some tornado excitement, Big SWITCH, the first guitar lessons, my laptop is in the computer hospital, and we’re finally to Friday!  Man, did I ever need a day off!  

Just to clarify on the “challenge”, there are, of course, many expenses (utilities, car pymnt, insurance, orthodontist, etc.) that are fairly fixed and can’t be controlled.  When I say “spend nothing” I’m really just talking about the expenses that are “controllable”.  I’m also not including money spent on gas.

I’m detailing my spending for my own benefit (and for Kevin’s in case he’s “creeping” –love ya, honey!)  😉

FYI: I did not replace the vacuum (as desired 😉 ) but took it to the shop where it took only $6.95 to unclog the hose and I cut my own hair (twice) to hold me for another couple of weeks!  Both very good solutions to last weeks “crisis”.

Thursday 2/5 $15 for that silly domain name I bought (live and learn)

Friday 2/6 $14.15 Aldi, $14.88 books for Cameron’s birthday, $26.67 Walmart for groceries

Saturday 2/7 $6.47 birthday balloons

Sunday 2/8 $26 Ice Skating

Monday 2/9 $8.28 Braums

Tuesday 2/10 $0  (this was “tornado” day–too much excitement to think about errands or groceries)

Wednesday 2/11 $1.43 Walmart

Thursday 2/12 $6.95 to fix vaccuum, $30 for 2 guitar lessons

Friday 2/13 $12.95 Pop’s (Special Vday surprise!), $44.06 Walmart

We also gave an undetermined amount of money to Cory for Double Wolf Dare Week at Santa Fe High School “for charity”.   It was approximately $35–there was money handed out nearly every day and I kinda lost track!  Assemblies, t-shirts, talent show admission…jeeesh.

For a total so far this month (almost half way there!) of variable expenditures $289.38. Wow, that seems like a lot, although we’re at less than half of what we ordinarily spend on groceries and cash.  

 Next week should be even easier b/c it doesn’t contain a birthday. or a school charity event.  those 2 things alone took just under $100 spent in a week!

Interesting…to me.

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  1. But your looks so awesome! I think I tried buying cariokie but it was already taken. Bummer.

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