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No spend challege-week 3

I’ve been a real blog-slacker this week and last.  I’m not sure if I’ve just been too busy, or uninspired, or maybe a little of both.  Anyhow, down to business.  This week was much easier to spend less.

We eat pizza at least once a week (we’d have it every day if it were up to the teen) so this has been hard.  I mean, there’s only so many ways to make homemade pizza, and it’s NEVER as yummy as the pizzeria kind.  But, I’ve made crust in the bread machine, and we’ve used English muffins and flatbread, and the refrigerator rolled dough–just for a little variety–you know, so it seems FUN, and not just like you’re missing out on the good stuff.

Also, Cam and I made homemade cinnamon rolls last weekend.  That was fun and the kids thought it was a special treat.  They didn’t need to know that it was much cheaper than any other pre-made sweet breakfast treat!

2/14 Sat. Lowes $28 and $36 flowering plant for vday from Kev (awww, so sweet!)

2/15 Sun $8.06 Braums

2/16 Mon $0

2/17 Tues $30 guitar lessons

2/18 Wed $0

2/19 Thurs $0

2/20 Fri $9.43 Braum’s, $134.90 Walmart *ouch*

Total so far this month $535.77.  Wow, that seems like a LOT especially since I’m not even counting gas for the cars!  To be honest, I’m a little disappointed.  It really seemed like we weren’t spending much at all.  Hmmm…

Sometimes I think it would be more fun ( or at least more gratifying) to detail what I did NOT spend….to list all the times I said no to what I wanted to buy.  The 1/2 gallon of ice cream at Braum’s when I was grabbing milk, the Sonic drinks, the Panda Express dinner out with friends, the Taco Bell that I drove by…the list goes on and on.

And I’m still contemplating on what to do with the “extra” money that we didn’t spend this money.  Give or Save?  A little of both?  I’m praying and have asked everyone else in the family to pray about it.  So we’ll see!

Water is Life

I first read about this ministry last year when a group of students from an Edmond elementary school was raising money to purchase these “water sticks”.  It is a filter/straw that hangs around your neck and can be used to make dirty water drinkable and safe.

I can’t imagine letting my child drink water that was not clean.  But for some moms, clean is not an option.  If they don’t drink anything, they’ll die, so if all they have access to is dirty water…they take their chances.   Breaks my heart.  This is a reality I have trouble comprehending.  I mean, we’ll dump out a glass of clean water b/c it’s “old”, i.e, it’s been sitting on the counter for a couple of hours, and get a “fresh” glass of clean water.

I already own part of a well–that was a Christmas gift from a friend.  She knows me well.

Check it out.

Check out their site