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A word about LOST

Just a word.  I don’t have much time.  If you don’t watch LOST, you won’t understand, sorry.

Something I have to keep telling myself is that Ben ALWAYS lies.  ALWAYS.  kinda like Satan…no, exactly like Satan.

Remember way back when?  When we thought his name was Henry Gale?  It wasn’t.  He lies.

His mother taught him to read…LIE!  or joke…I couldn’t tell which it was supposed to be.

For some reason, I occasionally think, “Oh, now he’s being sincere.”  He’s so dad-gum convincing! So believable.  and then I kick myself when I realize I’ve been duped again.

So, I repeat to myself, “Ben ALWAYS lies!”  and, just for good measure I’ll add, “Satan ALWAYS lies too”–you know, just to keep grounded in reality. 🙂